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Traditional Dance

Traditional Dance

Talent Activity: Traditional Dance & Drumming
Managed by: Hamadi Mwalimu
Other Teachers:Godfrey Thomas, Rajabu Issa
Current number of students: 23 (9 boys, 14 girls, ages 10-23)

About the activity

The KCC Traditional Dance and Drumming programme has been running since 2007. It is currently run by Hamadi Mwalimu, who has trained hundreds of traditional dancers.
Drummers and dancers practice together, reheasring different dances. In the beginning the students can try the dancing and the drumming, before choosing which to concentrate on.
The Traditional Dance and Drumming group recently performed at the 2011 Barclays Step Ahead event, 2011 Bagamoyo Art Festival and the 2011 Goat Races. The drummers also performed at Ulinzi Shirikishi in 2011, an event for the community in Kigamboni to support the police and their fight against crime.

Long term vision

For the Traditional Dance and Drumming programme to be developing talent for at least 5 dance groups, all of whom are able to perform to a professional standard.


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