The Kigamboni Community Centre KCC

Talent Development

The talent development programme was established for the following reasons:

  1. To give children a safe and fun place where they can identify and develop their talents
  2. To give children additional options and avenues for future employment as despite making every possible effort to gain a complete education, the reality is that many children won’t have the opportunity to finish school

The talent development programme has grown steadily over the past 4 years to include the following activities:

Activities Daily Attendance Boys Girls Age
Acrobatics 33 30 3 7-23
Drama 30 15 15 10-30
Fine Arts 24 18 6 7-20
Football 40 0 40 10-17
Handcrafts 17 17 0 10-18
Modern Dance 20 16 4 9-21
Music 9 2 7 6-24
Netball 35 15 20 12-20
Sewing & Tailoring 20 2 18 15-40
Trad Dance & Drumming 23 9 14 10-23

Children attending the centre have the opportunity to try all of these activities, before deciding which one(s) they would like to pursue. Talent Development Programme classes take place 16.30-18.30 Monday to Friday. On Saturday afternoons all the groups come together for a performance to demonstrate to each other what they have learned during the week.

KCC’s vision is to develop its Talent Development Programme into the “KCC Talent Academy”.

The long-term vision for the Academy is to provide a full-time programme of talent development to students, using highly skilled teachers, with great facilities, and for it to be known and recognised across the region as a centre of excellence for talent development.


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