KCC’s vision has always been one of sustainable community development. The sustainable financial model we are working towards is simple but highly effective:

  • Fundraise for one-off “capital costs” (equipment, buildings, furniture etc.)
  • Generate all “running costs” through a number of commercial enterprises

This approach means that the centre will have sufficient funds to pay salaries, utilities, stationery etc. ensuring that activities will never have to stop due to funding being withdrawn. All new projects at KCC are developed in this way.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, we do not stop here. Not only do we develop businesses to attain financial autonomy, but we put a lot of efforts to ensure that the businesses themselves are sustainable. We do this mainly by diversifying our activities so if a sector of the economy becomes a bit fragile or is changing rapidly, we can rely on other activities to make sure we do not fall too far down the tree.

In other words, we are not financially dependent on anyone to accomplish our work and we feel a little less guilty providing much needed allowances to our members!


If life cannot be sustained, how could KCC exists? Well, that’s what we think as well. The environment in which we all live as always been a strong preoccupation for us. To ensure the people and all living entities of Tanzania and the world will still be there after we’re long gone, KCC implements a simple but effective ecological policy.

Basically, we just think. When starting a new project or programme, we evaluate how it can affect the environment around us. If a negative impact is foreseen, we try to find solutions and if there isn’t any, we think of how to ecologically enhance other programmes or develop new projects to offset the “permanent damage” we may cause.

It’s not rocket science but hey, we said simple didn’t we?


KCC cannot be sustainable without a strong, simple and transparent administrative structure. While developing our programmes and projects, we ensure that clear and sustainable procedures and policies in line with our philosophy and commitment are implemented and followed.

This means that decisional power structures are well known amongst our members, collaborators and the public and that a number of administrative safety measures are implemented such as:

  • Key responsibilities holders always train at least one other member to cover the eventuality that they might unable to fulfill their tasks properly
  • Strong and active Board of Trustees
  • Constantly clarifying and reviewing our procedures and policies book according to our evolving situation and best sustainable administrative practices
  • Involve as many members as possible in decision making, programme and project planning & implementation and everyday activities
  • Provide quality training in their respective field of work and organizational development to as many members as possible
  • Ensuring all human resources are reliable and committed to the organization
  • Having fun doing what we do. Poa!