The Kigamboni Community Centre KCC



Talent Activity: Netball
Managed by: Mwaija Ramadhan
Other Teachers:Hemedi Kipara
Current number of students: 35 (15 boys, 20 girls, ages 12-20)

About the activity

The KCC Netball Programme has been running since 2011 and is currently run by Mwaija Ramadhan.
The programme started with 10 students, four boys and six girls. Now the number of members has more than tripled and all of them are practicing together. Mwaija always starts with a big warming-up to train their condition. The warm-up is so rigorous it is often joined by the acrobatic students. After the warm-up, the netball students perform training drills and play practise matches.
The team has had four friendly competitive matches so far and they are looking forward to more!

Long term vision

To have registered the team in a league.


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