George Malale

Education Department Manager
+255 (0)752 434 884

Kondo Rashid

Secretary General
+255 (0)713 747 602

Nassoro Mkwesso

Executive Chairman

A professional acrobat, Nassoro toured South East Asia with a circus group before founding KCC. He has trained well over 100 acrobats and when he recently attended a 3 week leadership programme he had to visit KCC after 3 days because he missed the kids too much.
+255 (0)756 522 293

Festo Chengula

Founder Member



Hamadi Mwalimu

Traditional Dance Teacher – Founder Member

Tumaini Lubembela

Fine Art Teacher – Founder member

George Malale

Class Teacher – Founder member

Hassan Fredrick

Social Suporvisor

Athuman Abas

International Volunteers Supervisor

Shaban Hussein

Communication and Information Supervisor

Juma Ahmed

Acrobatic teacher and Child supporter – Social Department


Education Manager & Learner Scholarship Project Manager


Modern Dance Teacher & Child supporter

Mwantumu Said

Nursery  & Tuition Teacher

Mwajabu Ramadhani

Nursery Teacher

Bakari Bakari

Head Teacher

Maria Kayoka

First aid & Child supporter

Doris Machite

Tailoring Teacher

Michael Luanga

Education Supervisor

Sharifa Mohammed

Tuition Teacher

Adam Juma

Tuition Teacher

Abdul Seleman

Acrobat Teacher

Jean-Charles Franoux

Fundraising & Miscellaneous Support

Ina Ritterbach

Project Development and Fundraising

Caro Gehringer

Project Development and Fundraising


Organizational Development Support

Simon Flamand

Development Partner

Irma Allen

Fundraising & Miscellaneous Support

John Grint

Computer Fundi