The Kigamboni Community Centre KCC

KCC Future

With its programmes expanding and with a government plan to redevelop Kigamboni looming, KCC needed to secure a permanent base. Thanks to a donation from the Selesko Foundation in 2010, the Centre was able to purchase “KCC Futures”, a 3-hectare plot of undeveloped land not far from the current Centre but outside the boundary of the proposed Kigamboni New City development.

Following the principals of permaculture, an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that are modeled on the relationships found in natural ecologies, the land will be developed to house:

  • Facilities to expand KCC’s Education, Talent Development and Vocational Training programmes
  • A Centre of Excellence from which to run residential training programmes in Permaculture and Sustainable Community Development


Development in 3 phases:


Phase 1: Securing and preparing the land for development

  • Construction of a perimeter fence
  • Construction of a multi-service banda (wooden shelter)
  • Sinking a well and installing a pump & water tank
  • Acquirement and installation of renewable energy sources


Phase 2: Agricultural development

  • Development of 2 separate vegetable gardens
  • Construction and development of 2 fish ponds
  • Construction of necessary housing for livestock keeping
  • Start farm production and develop distribution market


Phase 3: Construction of buildings and facilities

  • Construction of Hall
  • Construction of the office space
  • Construction of classrooms area
  • Construction of accommodation facilities


Long-term financial sustainability


Once construction is complete, income from agricultural activities and training courses will allow KCC Futures will be a financially self-sufficient development.



KCC Future is located approximately 15 kilometers south-east of the actual Centre, on the edge of the Tanzanian Government “Kigamboni New City” development plan.


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