The Kigamboni Community Centre KCC



Talent Activity: Handcraft
Managed by: Fanuel Ansigal
Other Teachers: Isaka Abraham
Current number of students: 17 (17 boys, 0 girls, ages 10-18)

About the activity

The KCC Handcraft Programme has been running since 2009. It is currently run by Fanuel Ansigal.
The students are learning to make different types of jewellery, key rings, shoes and bags, from both industrial and natural materials. The students are at different levels. Some have just started and are learning how to work with the materials. More advanced students are starting to design their own products, including T-shirts. Seven Students are ready to join the vocational training at the moment. KCC sells the finished handcrafts to generate money for all activities.

Long term vision

For the programme to be producing a steady stream of new handcraft teachers and students wishing to join the Handcraft vocational training programme.


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