Transparency is of the utmost importance for KCC. We use it as a tool to explain our work, to bring confidence to our funders and volunteers and share the best practice model we developed as well as the hardship and challenges we are facing.

Through its transparency policy, KCC engages to:

  • Quickly provide all necessary information (financial records, administrative structure, etc.) to anyone who requests it.
  • Regularly update everyone who is involved with KCC about the Centre activities, projects, successes and problems.
  • Implement and use a strong financial recording system in line with the best not-for-profit accounting models
  • Involve as many stakeholders as possible in the decision making process as well as informing members and collaborators of any change in the administrative structure or KCC’s decision making policies.Put our action
  • Put our action where our mouth is – If we say we do something, we do it.