The Kigamboni Community Centre KCC

Fine Art

Fine Art

Talent Activity: Fine Art
Managed by: Bwisengo Tumaini Lubembela (assisted by George Gabriel)
Current number of students: 24 (18 boys, 6 girls, ages 7-20)

About the activity

The KCC Fine Art Programme has been running since 2007, and is led by Bwisengo Tumaini Lubembela. Some students have been in the programme for a long time, with others joining more recently. Eight students are able to draw landscapes, using crayons, water colours, and acrylics. They can also copy pictures the teachers give them, and are doing very well learning portraits and designing murals. New students are learning about colours and basic techniques.

Long term vision

To have a large art gallery and studio at KCC, producing professional artists and art teachers, and hosting 2 exhibitions per year.


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