The Kigamboni Community Centre KCC

Cultural Experience

KCC offers a variety of tours, visits and learning experiences to enrich your understanding of life in Tanzania.

Our vision


“To provide unique, safe, reliable and low cost experiences involving the Kigamboni community to share its traditions, environment and lifestyle with the global village”:

Our Mission


  • Share the Kigamboni spirit with the rest of the world
  • Use of Dar es Salaam beauty and uniqueness as a mean to solve poverty and educational issues in Kigamboni
  • Inspire visitors through community, nature and volunteering
  • Empower citizens of Kigamboni to use their skills and capacities in the most profitable ways
  • To provide a unique and true experience to anyone visiting Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam and Tanzania
  • To provide clientele with quality products and meaningful souvenirs reflecting the KCC spirit
  • Develop strong relationships with all aspects and actors of the industry
  • Ensure that our customers enjoy timely and professional service at all times
  • Provide a profitable return to shareholders, the community.




The products offered by KCC Pamoja are centered on four main objectives:

  • The discovery of the Kigamboni community, its daily life, dreams, hardships and personality
  • Sightseeing of the beautiful natural environment surrounding the area
  • Experience the vibrant and exciting Dar es Salaam
  • Offering low cost quality arts, crafts, and promotional items.

KCC Pamoja most unique characteristic is that the whole offer comes from the community itself. The enterprise offers the information and provides the services involving a very wide range of citizens of Kigamboni with multiple different skills and knowledge.

Visit KCC: Join with our activities, experience the KCC spirit, learn about our education programmes and our work in the community and see it in action. Watch a mini acrobat and dance show (afternoon tour only).

Duration: 1-3 hours      Cost: Free

This experience is not available on Sundays.

Visit KCC: Join with our activities, experience the KCC spirit, learn about our education programmes and our work in the community and see it in action. Watch a mini acrobat and dance show (afternoon tour only).

Duration: 1-3 hours      Cost: Free

This experience is not available on Sundays.

Experience a full day in Kigamboni, including an optional over-night stay with a local family. Your day will include: morning walk, bicycle or tuk-tuk tour of Kigamboni, lunch with a family, afternoon visits to Mjimwema fishing beach, art and craft shops an a small industry, and a visit to KCC. Eat at a local cafe, or if you choose the overnight stay, eat with the family. Optional visit to a local bar.

Duration: 8-24 hours

For 1 day only, Tsh 60,000 (40,000 for each additional person)
Day and evening, Tsh 70,000 (+ 50,000)
Overnight, Tsh 100,000 (+80,000)

Walking, cycling or by tuk-tuk: Esperience the varied settlements, markets, local industries and fabulous beaches of Kigamboni. Choose between an urban or rural tour in the wider Kigamboni area. All tours include a visit to KCC, except on Sundays.

Duration: Cycling, 2-3 hours, walking 3-4 hours, tuk-tuk 3-8 hours

Maximum group sizes: Tuk-tuk – 2, taxi – 3

Walking: 1 person Tsh 40,000, 2 people 35,000, 3 or more 30,000
Cycling: 1 person Tsh 35,000, 2 people 30,000, 3 or more 25,000
Tuk-tuk, per tour: 1/2 day Tsh 100,000, full day Tsh 130,000
Taxi, per tour: 1/2 day Tsh 150,000, full day Tsh 200,000

On foot, by tuk-tuk or taxi: These tours are tailored to your particular interests. Possible places to visit include the Kivukoni fish market, clothing and craft markets, Botanical Gardens, National Museum, Tanzania Village Museum and much more! Tours can include a visit to KCC.

Duration: 4-8 hours

Maximum group sizes: Tuk-tuk – 2, taxi – 3

Cost: see Kigamboni Tours


Get a taste of a variety of skills and arts with expert teachers at the Community Center, or we can come to you. For individuals or groups, take one lesson or a series of sessions.

Handicrafts: Handicraft workshops that include bead and thread work, card making and weaving natural materials (for mats etc.). Duration: 2-3 hours

Traditional cookery: Classes include an introduction to traditional Tanzanian foods, shopping in the market for ingredients, preparing a meal – and enjoying it!
Maximum group size 4. Duration: Approx. 5 hours

Kiswahili language: For beginners or more advanced students, we help you get the most out of your visit to East Africa by teaching you the wonderful language.
Maximum group size 6. Duration: 2 hours

Traditional drumming/ dancing & acrobatics: Learn with KCC’s Hamadi Mwalimu (drumming and dancing) or Nassoro Mkwesso (acrobatics) who have trained hundreds of people over many years.
Duration: 1 1/2 hours

Cost (all classes), per person: Tsh 25,000, each additional person Tsh 15,000
except traditional cookery: Tsh 40,000, each additional person Tsh 20,000

KCC can also arrange your trips beyond Dar. From day trips to Bagamoyo, to visits to Zanzibar or wildlife safaris in Tanzania’s world famous national parks, we can help you plan your perfect holiday.

Included in the price: Tour Guides, teachers, bicycle hire, materials and ingredients for lessons.

Not included: he cost of transport to and from the tour, meals (except meals with the family in “Day in in the Life” and cookery lessons), drinks, entry fees etc.

Transport: KCC can pick you up from anywhere in Kigamboni or the city but please note this is at your own cost.

Costs are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change.

Guides and teachers are paid a small fee, but tipping is very welcome if you would like to show your appreciation!

Safety: We make every effort to keep you safe and secure, but please note that you undertake your experience at your own risk.


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